Hi, I'm Kanada

I am an art therapist, arts educator, passionate communicator, and mum. I facilitate art-making and mindfulness techniques to bring women together in a supportive environment as they experience fertility challenges, pregnancy and motherhood.  

Developing KAN – Mindful art for women was born from a hard place.

After experiencing unexplained fertility difficulties, my husband and I embarked on a daunting IVF journey. It was a tough time, and I was on the lookout for supportive services to help me through it.

I travelled across Melbourne for fertility health consultations and, after being diagnosed with depression by my GP and provided with a mental health plan, attended counselling sessions.

Though these services were helpful, they didn't quite fill my heart-o-meter.  I felt lonely as I tried to graciously deal with each new challenge and emotion. While I had a supportive husband and friends, I kept my infertility a secret from most people. I found myself only opening up to those I knew were experiencing infertility themselves - because I knew they’d get me.

After becoming pregnant and giving birth to my son, I spent the better part of a year investigating how Art Therapy and Mindfulness can play a role in supporting women who are experiencing infertility and IVF, pregnancy, post-natal depression, and those entering the new world of motherhood.

KAN – Mindful art for women is a caring, safe environment where women have the opportunity to connect with other women experiencing similar challenges and life events.

KAN encourages women to take back control so that we CAN continue to face the challenges life brings. It's about connecting, creating and filling our heart-o-meter so we are left feeling strong, loved, understood and uplifted.

Kanada x



  • Swinburne University of Technology - Graduate Certificate of Arts (Media and Communication)
  • Phoenix Institute of Australia Pty Ltd - Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Australian Catholic University - B/A Visual Arts & B/A Secondary Education - Visual Arts & English Literature
  • Canberra Institute of Technology - Floriculture/Floristry Operations and Management Certificate III


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